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What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui was developed over 6,000 years ago in China and the Far East. Through constant observation the Chinese developed a series of mathematical formulas that calculated universal energy (qi) patterns and cycles. Using the formulas they developed, they avoided inauspicious energies and taped into positive ones.  

With the use of these same Classical Feng Shui formulas we can improve our living and working environments. By understanding the importance of direction, timing and environmental changes, we can align ourselves with the best energies nature has to offer, and promote prosperity, harmony, good health and happier relationships


Feng Shui From A to Z

Our reputation continues to drive us - our knowledge of the environment and the applied principles of Classical Feng Shui.

Classical Feng Shui based on Traditional Feng Shui formulas continues to support people in all walks of life, from heads of state, to large corporations, small businesses, and homes.

We understand what it’s like to be in charge of so many details. Global Feng Shui Solutions is there to help grow and support your organization, be it a country, or your family. 

About Global Feng Shui Solutions

Global Feng Shui Consulting is a full service consultation firm devoted to preserving the Ancient craft of Feng Shui through the application of appropriate modern techniques, materials and equipment.

Our unique appeal has attracted worldwide clients from many areas including major corporations, the hospitality industry, interior designers, contract purchasers, Realtors, the medical industry and building and land developers…


Services & Support

Global Feng Shui Solutions team has over 15 years experience working in Feng Shui. Day in and day out, we share our collected knowledge and experience with you to provide first class service. Global Feng Shui Solutions knows Service and Support. We live Feng Shui.


Choosing a Consultant

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